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Ask us about New OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews!
They are the only veterinary dental chews with delmopinol hydrochloride, a patented ingredient that is already used in a human oral rinse. It's this ingredient that helps make the chews so effective, by creating a barrier against the bacteria that lead to plaque, calculus, and halitosis (bad breath).

The unique scrubbing action of the chew removes plaque and calculus, and the slightly sticky material clings to the teeth to encourage the chewing motion from the pet. This product is not meant to replace a regular dental cleaning, but to aid the pet owner in caring for their pets teeth at home and prevent bad breath and plaque build up. Please call our office if you have any questions or speak with your Dr the next time you have your pet in for a visit. 


Preventive Product Comparison

Rebates and Specials 
Dogs must be current patients within the last 12 months and MUST be currently negative for heartworms for us to safely prescribe preventions for your pet.
Current as of January 2020 

​Heartgard only - Buy 12 get $12 rebate
Nexgard only - Buy 6 get 1 free or buy 12 get 1 free

Frontline Gold only - Buy 3 get 1 free or buy 6 get 2 free
Heartgard/Nexgard or Heartgard/Frontline Combo 1 - Buy 12 of each - $60 rebate
Heartgard/Nexgard, Heartgard/Frontline Combo 2 - Buy 12 Heartgard, 6 Nexgard or 6 Frontline - $35 rebate

Heartgard/Nexgard, Heartgard/Frontline Combo 3 - Buy 6 Heartgard, 6 Nexgard or 6 Frontline - $25 rebate
Advantage Multi #1- Buy 6 - $20 rebate ($35 rebate with Heartworm Test)
Advantage Multi #2- Buy 12 - $60 rebate ($70 rebate with Heartworm Test)
Seresto collar- $15 rebate
Revolution- visit 
Earn points on a reloadable card towards next purchase of Revolution, also applies to Rimadyl 30ct or 60ct, Endurosyn, Remend and Cerenia